Thursday, April 10, 2014

Freckle faced girl

My end of March post was very Helena heavy, so I wanted to share the sweetest picture of Tempe today!

This picture just completely captures the 7-year-oldness of Tempe right now. Big girl front teeth with lots of gaps, hair in her favorite braids, proudly riding her two-wheeler, and of course, her very, very freckly face.
Tempe has a lot of freckles. I love them.

Also, I found this written in ballpoint pen on my sewing desk a few months ago and I've been meaning to take a picture of it. Dere Tempe, love you too, but please don't write on the furniture, XOXO Mom.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

37+ weeks!

The countdown is officially on!
I am 37 weeks + 2 days so baby girl really could come any day now. I had Juno at 38+2 (one week from today!) and Tempe and Helena at 39 weeks so I can't help but think she'll come some time late next week or next weekend. Maybe that's wishful thinking, but I am progressing quite a bit and I'm already past the point of progression that I was at my last appointments before going into labor with Tempe and Juno.
The thing is, I feel so comfortable and physically well that I can't imagine going into labor any time soon! At night my back on the left side and my ribs on the right side hurt pretty bad (I guess I just tire myself out during the day) but besides that, really no complaints. I could easily go to my due date except I am so anxious to have my sweet girl in my arms!
(And I said basically the same exact thing at this point in my pregnancy with Juno and then had her 10 days later!)
So, I just have to document the fact that I have not worn a single item of maternity clothes this entire pregnancy. Not one. I've gained 20 pounds and my fundal height is right on track, but I am just really not showing much at all. People are seriously shocked when I tell them my due date. I think I just carry my babies straight up and down and in my ribcage so my belly doesn't stick out much. I've always been small in my pregnancies, but this one is definitely the smallest baby belly. I mean, I am really wearing my regular jeans, still buttoned and everything, just a little bit lower on my waist than normal. But maybe that is just saying something about my pre-pregnancy body...
Clothes are washed and put away, I'm stocked up on diapers, blankets, and burp cloths, the freezer is filling up nicely, and I've gotten back in the baby game by babysitting a cute little six month old three days a week :) Now all I need is the baby!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Fill that freezer!!

I am at that point in my pregnancy (37 weeks!) where the nesting is really kicking into gear because I know baby could be here at any time! I find that I have energy bursts where I get a ton done--and then I crash. So if I start feeling a little bit of extra energy, I jump on it and do as much as I can. I've been trying to do meal prep every day to fill my freezer for after the baby comes. 

Today I made bacon and egg biscuit sandwiches for breakfasts. Mmmm, the biscuits were so big and fluffy, I had to really restrain myself! The only other breakfast foods I have in the freezer are waffles--any other ideas? We eat a lot of quick-cooking oatmeal, toast, and granola for breakfast, but I'm trying to add a little more protein. 

So far, I've got a ton of ham-and-cheese rolls (think homemade hot pockets), taquitos, make your own pizza kits, cornbread muffins, crescent rolls, lasagna rolls, and three kinds of soup. Still on the list is chili and ???? I need to think of just a few more meal ideas to have in there ready to go so I don't have to worry too much about food in the first few weeks.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March goodness!

March is over so that means baby month is upon us!!!
Here's what we did this month:

Spring cleanup
I already posted about this, but my siblings all came over to help us with some yard work at the beginning of the month. After we worked, we went out to lunch and then spent a few hours at the park on a beautiful afternoon!

Helena hard at work
Helena loves to do projects. Here she is writing a story....

...and making a burp cloth for baby sister!

Bike riding
We've really dropped the ball when it comes to bikes at our house. Tempe is 7 1/2 and Helena is 6 and they just learned how to ride a bike! But on the plus side, since we waited until they were so old, they picked it up on the first try and now they love zooming around on the bike.

Oh, and here's a cute little face!

Sisters playing together
Helena got a cute ice cream parlor set for her birthday, and they all had fun playing together one afternoon!

Helena's birthday
It was fun celebrating Helena's birthday with her detective party and birthday chocolate chip pancakes for dinner!

Juno wanted to pose by the tree like Helena did. She's wearing the plastic hat from our giant Mr. Potato Head :)
Cat bite fever
This one takes some explaining... Last Tuesday night, Tempe was in our yard when she saw a strange cat and Autumn hissing at each other. She was shooing the cat away (not trying to pick it up or anything), when it leaped up and bit her on the forearm--hard. She had three big deep puncture wounds and some scratches, as well. We ran it under water, poured hydrogen peroxide all over it, dabbed on some Neosporin, and put band-aids on it and in the morning I sent her off to school and called the doctor. The doctor said that cat bites get infected so easily that they always put kids on antibiotics, even if it seems to be doing ok. So I picked her up around lunchtime and took her to the doctor and it was already clearly infected--red, swollen, and warm to the touch.
The doctor was most concerned because Tempe was already on an antibiotic for something else and had been for about a week--in fact, it was the antibiotic that she would have prescribed for this infection. Since it was already in Tempe's system but not fighting the infection, she took her off that first one and put her on two different antibiotics. Then she drew a dotted line around the infection and told me that if it continued to spread outside the line, to take Tempe to the ER at Primary Children's.
This is what it looked like on Wednesday afternoon:

Thursday morning she seemed fine so I sent her off to school again, but when I picked her up that afternoon, I checked her arm and the redness had spread outside the line. It wasn't as intense of a red or as swollen, but it was spreading, so after calling her pediatrician again to double check, we headed up to Primary Children's. The ER doctor agreed that the infection was still spreading and told me all the many kinds of scary bacteria it could be, then admitted us for the night.
Yes, she spent the night at the hospital because of a cat bite.
She got three doses of a fourth antibiotic through an IV and in the morning, the infection was under control again and they sent us home. So far, so good, and I think we're past the danger stage of infection spreading more.
Just so you all know, cat bites are very nasty and almost always get infected. Tempe's official diagnosis was cellulitis (cat bites are a leading cause) but cat bites can also cause tendonitis. So take it seriously if you get bit by a cat! And also, even though we haven't been able to find the cat that bit her, we have been assured by animal control, her pediatrician, and the ER doctor that rabies really isn't a concern in domestic animals like cats and dogs, so we're just not going to worry about that :)

Helena loves boys

enough said. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy birthday, Helena!

Happy birthday to my sweet six year old Helena!
It's been a whirlwind ever since she came screaming bloody murder into this world. She is still an emotional girl, but hey, so am I. She is so good at creating and one of her favorite things to do is go up to the craft corner in my room and "make things" with scraps of yarn, fabric, buttons, and a hot glue gun. She is so happy and excited to be learning how to read (she got "Green Eggs and Ham" for her birthday and can read the whole thing by herself!) and she loves school.
One thing you should know about Helena is she gets very anxious about weather. She's gotten much, much braver this year, but she still doesn't like to go outside if it's cloudy or windy.
She loves to eat sour green apples, all the way down to the core.
She's really good at picking out clothes and puts together great outfits that I never would have thought would work--but they do! Sometimes I have her pick out my clothes, too.
She is sweet, generous, and loves her sisters. She leaves me little notes around the house that say "I love my mom"--and I love her!

Happy birthday pancakes and scrambled eggs!

To celebrate her birthday, she really wanted to go to Temple Square. Today was snowy and cold, so we went yesterday instead. It was windy, but still very nice and all the girls had fun looking at the blossoms and flowers!

Soon to be four sisters!